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October Board Meeting

Few things to talk about, the HOA had its annual meeting at the firehouse.  We did not obtain an association member quorum this year, which is par for course.  Folks, I would really like to invite you to at least attend one HOA meeting and meet your neighbors, you know, the ones who keep things running and demand money from you once a year, as well as others who so kindly attend( Thank You for coming by the way ).  At the annual and quarterly meetings we discuss community issues and even have the WGPD brief us on local crime statistics.  These meetings are great places for you, our neighbors and annual association voters, to come together get to know one another and voice concerns about the neighborhood.  So don’t be shy, come on down!

The board did have their quarterly meeting after the annual meeting failed to obtain a quorum, all sitting board members will remain in their existing seats and the annual budget was approved.  As always, there is plenty of opportunity to join the board, many folks have been volunteering their participation for many years and wouldn’t mind a break.  As for decisions made, we are looking into a community garage sale sign and will hopefully be setting dates for two semiannual community garage sales.  The board would like to keep garage sales to two times a year to keep down on traffic issues within the community during the weekend and also give everyone the chance to get the most out of their time/energy. 

On a different note, the board continues to see issues with parking.  Folks, when you park over the sidewalk, you are breaking city laws.  Contrary to popular belief, the side walk is not yours, it’s the community’s and when the sidewalk is blocked, people in wheelchairs, with strollers, kids, pedestrians have to then move over to the street to get by your driveway.  This presents a safety issue to the pedestrians and legal liability for you if they get run over or injured dodging your vehicles.  The WGPD will be ticketing when they see these obstacles, so please update your family members and visitors on the situation.  Parking on the street is allowed, but please do not park across from another car or someone else’s drive way as both will also get you a ticket from the WGPD.  Also, if you are parking against traffic, the WGPD will definitely reward you with a ticket.  We are asking anyone who witnesses such bad parking to notify the WGPD on their non-emergency hotline( 407-656-3636 ). 

And finally, we are in the Holiday season!  The Halloween decoration contest is in full swing, so please decorate to your heart’s content, we want to see what our neighbors can do!  The same goes for the Christmas decoration contest in December! Prizes will be handed out at the end of each event and announced in next year’s newsletter.  While there is no penalty for not getting involved in these contests, for those of you not of the Christmas spirit, there is always the celebration of the Winter solstice, Hanukkah, or any other December holiday your residence may be participating in, decorations ARE decorations(we don’t want to leave anyone out)!

From the board and me, have a safe and happy holidays!

Brent Kennedy - HOA Board President

Last Updated: 3/4/2017 3:26:41 PM